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Water Treatment

Water Treatment

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Total Eden can design and build a variety of water treatment solutions for agricultural, industrial and domestic applications. Treated water can be used in wash down facilities, stock watering, flushing purposes, parks and gardens, irrigation across agriculture and horticulture & cropping areas.

There are a number of factors affecting the type of solution such as source of treated water, the quality of the source water and the required quality of treated water. Total Eden can also advise on how to cleanse tank, grey or mains water from chemicals and other particles as required. We can also recommend correct filtration systems for your application and whether to use plastic or steel filters or industrial automatic self cleaning filters.


Treated water solutions enable environmentally conscious use of available water supplies and result in immediate savings upon installation. Total Eden has extensive expertise in this area and our specialists can assist you with all your treated water needs.

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Water Treatment

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Total Eden can provide you with complete water solutions across a wide variety of industries and irrigation needs.

From custom on-site design, to installation and service, our highly qualified staff members can cater for all your requirements and provide you with quality, cost effective, dependable solutions to ensure years of hassle free water use.

Alternatively if you’re looking to purchase just products, the see our range of water products here.